_Green Whispers - Jaime's Botanical Telenovela

Thursday, 18 April 19h00 - 22h00
live telenovela reading with special guests
Era JM Couts

Thursday, 18 - Saturday, 20 April 2024

Green Whispers is a speculative exploration of empathy, connection, and the narratives that unfold in the liminal spaces between species. Jaime Lobato, a transmedia artist with a background in music, art, mathematics, and research and doing weird things like live-coding with bacteria signals or creating architectural sounds, offers us a world where technology bridges the communication gap between humans and the non-human inhabitants of our planet.

Using self-crafted bio-markers created from the physiological responses of plants, the captured bio-signals are transformed into prompts for the advanced language model, Davinci (ChatGPT), which then crafts a mini-telenovela in real time. This living narrative unfolds on Twitter and our Zentrum für Netzkunst Telegram channel, providing a platform for our non-human protagonist to share their story with the world.

image shows a plant with sensors typing a keyboard

In the heart of Berlin, where the whispers of nature intertwine with the pulse of technology, Jaime Lobato embarks on a speculative exploration of empathy and connection, unveiling the narratives that unfold in the liminal spaces between species. A mini-telenovela created in real-time emerges from the delicate signs of a DIY-crafted device that captures a Berlin-based plant biomarker, transformed into words by the prowess of an artificial intelligence language model. From the silent signals of our non-human protagonists, woven with human technologies, blooms into existence on social media platforms, revealing a story that challenges us to listen and interpret the subtle whispers of nature in our digitally saturated lives.

Set against Berlin, a city at the vanguard of technological and ecological dialogue, Lobato's presentation promises an exploration into the realms of what becomes possible when we extend our modes of communication beyond the human domain. The exhibition, a gathering from Thursday to Saturday, opens a stage for Berlin's poets to lend their voices to this botanical saga, performing the telenovela on the opening night.

As the drama unfolds, we're drawn into discussions about technology, ecology, and the narratives we construct with the more-than-human world, urging us to forge a deeper connection with all the living that surrounds us.

Green Whispers culminates in a profound reflection inspired by the increasing awareness of the consequences of viewing nature merely as a resource to be harnessed. By challenging this narrative, the exhibition underscores the importance of adopting a more holistic perspective that cherishes biodiversity, promotes equality, and ensures the continuity of all species. Jaime Lobato's whimsical yet insightful journey allows us to imagine a future where every form of life is recognized for its intrinsic value and potential to enlighten, heal, and inspire.

Jaime Lobato (Mx/Ee)

Transmedial artist, composer, curator and independent researcher. He made his studies in the Faculty of Music of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He has had three solo exhibitions at the Space of Sound Experimentation of the University Museum of Contemporary Art, at the museum Laboratorio Arte Alameda and a retrospective solo show at the Contemporary Art Gallery of Xalapa, Mexico. As an artist he has participated in several collective exhibitions such as Prácticas de Vuelo, Cervantino International Festival, Guanajuato, México; PDCon, gallery Lab for Electronic Art and Performance LEAP, Berlin, Germany; Afecciones Colaterales, International Festival of Electronic Arts and Video Transitio_MX, Mexico City; C.A.C.A.O, Museo del Chopo, Mexico City; Cambios Compartidos, at International Festival of Electronic Arts and Video Transitio_MX, Mexico City; Glitcha, gallery CON Artist Collective, New York, USA; IN-Sonora, Madrid, Spain; Periscopio at the gallery Zipper, Saõ Paulo, Brazil; LiveCodes, Factory Media Center, Hamilton, Canada; Species of Spaces, Center of Digital Culture, Mexico City; Piksel, Lydgalleriet, Bergen, Norway; Piiritus, Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia; Sentient Machines?, Färgfabriken Gallery. Futureless Festival. Stockholm, Sweden.

special guests


Yidi.earth (b. Yingkou, '90) is a Berlin-based artist. Defying any pre-existing boundary of realities, she morphs into a diverse range of media, such as text, image, code, software, hardware, photography, video, installation, dance, relationship and happening. She worked previously at The Art Newspaper Hong Kong, Videotage, ISEA and transmediale. She received M.A. in Creative Media with Distinction from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2016 and is an alumnus of Mars College 2022.

Era JM Couts

Era is a queer fiction writer. She's also a reader, an opinionated mind, an Aries, an immigrant, a coffee lover, and a night owl that has been forced to conform to the social norm of waking up early only to become a “Morgenmuffel.”